kids playroom decor Elk & Bear Double Sided Magnetic Whiteboard Painting Easel for Small Kids and Toddlers

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NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Just take the double easel out of the box and begin drawing and coloring immediately!

CHILDREN NATURALLY LOVE ART – Paint, Draw, Coloring with this Art Easel Stand. Large Tray for storage of art supplies, brushes, chalk, pencils and paint

PERFECT HEIGHT FOR TODDLERS – 2 Children can use the easel at the same time.

DEVELOPING RIGHT BRAIN THINKING Through drawing and coloring is Critical for Your Child’s early childhood cognitive, learning skills development.

Elk & Bear’s Standing Art Easel Gives Kids an alternative to TV or video games and lets them Fuel Their Imaginations while Developing Complex Neural Pathways, Motor Skills, Problem Solving and Coordination.

Here are Some of the Many Benefits of Exposing Children to Art and Creative Activities:

• Your Child learns to think Creatively, with an Open Mind

• Your Child learns to Observe and Describe, Analyze and Interpret

• Your Kid Learns to Express Feelings, With or Without Words.

• Your Toddler Practices Problem-Solving Skills, Critical-Thinking Skills, Art-Making Skills.

• Your Kid Can Blossom and Excel in the Arts.

• Art Builds Confidence. Even with Physical, Emotional or Learning Challenges, Children Can Experience Success in Art.

Amazon Buyers Trust Elk & Bear to offer Quality Premium Products.

Elk & Bear’s Standing Art Easel Blackboard and Magnetic Whiteboard is Backed by Our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

ART EASEL FOR KIDS – Standing Easel for 2 Kids Painting, Coloring, Drawing, Lettering and More. Perfect Height for Toddlers and Younger Kids. Best Selling Girls or Boys Toy Age 3,4 or 5
PERFECT HEIGHT for Toddlers and Younger Children.Two Sides allow 2 Toddlers to Make Art at once. Keep Your Kids Busy With Art Instead of TV
READY TO USE – No Assembly Required! PACKAGE INCLUDES Dry-Erase Magnetic Whiteboard Chalkboard, Wooden Magnetic Letters and Numbers ABC’s Dry Erase Pen and Eraser and Chalk. Wood Tray for Paint Sets Markers Crayons Chalk Pencils and all Your Other Art Supplies
READY TO USE – NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Includes Easy Carry Handle and Folds Flat for Easy Storage. Perfect for Playroom, Daycare, School, Preschool or Home.
STURDY, PLASTIC-FREE CONSTRUCTION makes it the Best Buy for Kids’ Health and the Environment. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE by Certified Woman Owned Business

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