kids bathroom decor Eutuxia Water Tap, Faucet Extender for Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks. Gargling Fountain, Hand Washing, and Teeth Brushing Solution for Babies, Toddlers, Kids, and Children. Silicone Extension. [Green]

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Do your kids hate to wash their hands? Do you want them to enjoy washing their hands? Here is a great way to teach your children good sanitation habits during their early ages. Kids learn faster when they’re younger, so it’s a great practice to get started as soon as you can. This faucet extender will help make it fun and easy for your kids. If they hate it, make them love it right? They will love washing hands from now on. You can easily extend your faucets to your kid’s reachable range so they can wash their hands with ease. It’s also good for brushing teeth as you can squeeze the front opening to create a water fountain for easier gargling or drinking. It’s made out of soft silicone, so it’s definitely safe for all ages. We all know safety is the most important thing when it comes to children products. The installation is fairly simple. Just push it into your faucet. You may stretch the extender if needed to fit your faucet accordingly.💛A great way to teach your children good sanitation habits during their early ages. Cute design will make it fun and easy for your kids! They’ll love washing hands from now on, as well as brushing their teeth. Remember, kids learn faster when they’re younger!
💛Made out of soft silicone material, we have designed it to fit most standard bathroom and kitchen faucets. Soft silicone makes it easy to install on most faucets. Squeeze on both sides and push it in into your faucet. Stretch if needed, to fit your faucet accordingly. Really easy and just takes few seconds to install, requires no tools.
💛Easily extend your faucets to your kid’s reachable range, which allows children to wash their hands or gargle their mouth after brushing their teeth with ease. It comes in different colors to fit your kid’s needs.
💛When it comes to products made for children, the most important thing is safety. Our product is made out of premium quality soft silicone material, which makes it safe for your children to use. Now you don’t have to worry about being there for them when they’re washing their hands or brushing their teeth.
💛The extender is small and compact and only measures about 3″ x 1.25″. Height is only about 2″ so it is small enough to be carried around anywhere such as family vacations.

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