kids playroom decor Children’s Pink Foam Play Mats – 9 Soft Interlocking Floor Mats with Bird Pattern for Children and Babies

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hildren’s and babies high quality soft EVA foam mats. Our EVA foam interlocking mats are made from soft, durable EVA non-toxic foam and are soft, safe, waterproof and easy to clean. Ideal floor protection that can be moved around the house to protect as required. This pink mat with red birds pack features 9 pink interlocking foam mats with red birds pattern. The mats are easy to clean and are waterproof and slip resistant. Product Dimensions: 12 x 12in. Foam Thickness: 0.4in. Surface Area: 36in2. Package Contents 9 x EVA foam mat pieces. For the Love of Leisure provides a factory warranty on this product and this is only available from For the Love of Leisure Limited, the authorised seller for the product.9 pink interlocking EVA foam puzzle jigsaw mats with red birds pattern. The tiles are incredibly versatile and are great for everything from a baby playmat, toddler crawling pads, rubber flooring for a gym, to improving the acoustics or for a childrens play area. Customers also use these as blocking tiles for knitting or even as a mattress for camping (pink option available)
These interlocking tile pieces with edges provide superb floor protection – great for workouts or providing a padded space for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, shower room or to use in the place of carpet, or even wallpaper!
Made from high quality, non-toxic EVA soft foam and they are incredibly easy to clean and are water resistant. Act as a great universal protector and defender of your floor surfaces.
Perfect for garages, utility rooms, kids bedrooms, nurseries, playgrounds, playrooms or the garden.
Approx Size of each set: 12 x 12 x 0.4in each piece, Assembled Size: A square 36 x 36in – can buy additional sets as required

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