kids playroom decor Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair Replacement Ball, Green, 38cm

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Make learning fun with the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair! This ergonomic seat for children designed to promote concentration and active learning by giving kids an outlet for their excess energy. Kids will love this healthy and fun alternative seating whether it’s at home or in the classroom. This stability ball chair will excite your kids to learn, reduce restlessness and fidgeting while promoting a healthy posture. Statistics have shown that kids are able to focus more intently when actively balancing their body on a yoga ball. Perfect for flexible classroom seating with active, high energy students – keeping their mind focused and body engaged. Recommended for kids ages 5-8 or heights between 42″ – 51″ (42 to 51 inches tall). Weight limit: 175-pounds. Includes 38cm Balance Ball ONLY Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand with a mission to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to all. Gaiam was created as a lifestyle company with the vision that, given a choice, people would choose a lifestyle that is healthy and life enhancing, for themselves, their families and the Earth. The Gaiam wellness, yoga, meditation, and recovery lifestyle is a vote for individual health as well as the future sustainability of the Earth’s resources. Gaiam strives to provide customers with alternatives to traditional products by offering natural or healthy versions that compare with the style, quality and price of conventional products.38cm Kids Size Balance Ball – Made exclusively for use with Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair Ball
Encourages kids to learn and practice healthy posture while benefiting from active sitting in the classroom at their desk or in the playroom or bedroom at home
Helps increase focus by keeping the body active and the mind engaged simultaneously
The constant ball movements increase blood flow to the brain, leading to better focus and concentration
Note: It may be necessary to re-inflate the ball once or twice after the initial inflation to allow the ball to ‘stretch’ to its Final size

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