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The first phase:from birth to 9 months old
This is the phase for the growth of baby’s motor neuron. When baby starts crawling, the buffer layer in the JACKSON carpet will protect baby’s wrists and knees
The second phase: from 9 months to 2 years old
During this period, baby’s motor neurons will fully develop. In the early stage of learning to walk, baby is very likely to fall on the ground. The JACKSON kid rug can reduce the impact of falling and prevent accidents from happening.
The third phase: 2-4 years old
This is the gaming period for early education. Baby starts to sit on the floor playing with toys. The soft carpet fully guarantees baby’s health. The interesting patterns on the jackson kid rug will develop baby’s cognitive ability.
The fourth phase:4-7years old
This is the period when children run and jump.They love jumping and running. The kid rug can reduce much noise and prevent children from falling to a large degree.
1.High quality products!
High quality nylon -more comfortable. It is refined with impurities and organic matter removed , resisting the existence of mites and other microorganisms. Care for the baby health. Base material: environmental-friendly TPR liner – Almost no taste,more durable with excellent skid-proof function to avoid yellowing and cracking.
2.Fine workmanship

It is a genuine high-quality product with wear-resistant and serging design, which can effectively prevent off-line and thus the service life is extended.
3.Really safe rugs,as well as non-toxic game rugs!
We have passed the Oeko-Tex 100,SGS,other quality certifications and met all safety requirements, truly protecting kids’health.CHILDREN PREFER AN EXTRA-LARGE SIZE RUG AND HAVE MORE FUN! With 52 x 74 inches, a huge size, this extra-large kids’ rug can provide a more adequate play space for babies. It can accommodate 6 or more kids, allowing them to share toys and play together so they can have more fun!
HIGH QUALITY NYLON (Blanket) + TPR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MATERIALS (Backing) = JACKSON 100% SUPERIOR QUALITY RUG! Nylon is softer and smoother than many materials, to ensure the child’s comfort. TPR environmental protection materials, besides having resilience, abrasive resistance, slip resistance, and shock absorption, which are also the features of rubber, are softer and more comfortable than rubber. In addition to this, TPR’s quality is much better than a latex backing.
AN INTERACTIVE DESIGN TO INSPIRE KIDS’ CURIOSITY AND INTEREST! This rug collection provides children an interesting and interactive backdrop for a number of exciting games. The kids’ rug depicts streets filled with a hospital, restaurant, cafe, police station, houses, stores and more. There are lots of ways to learn and play. Your little one will love the vibrant and fun colors of these play rugs and they can spend hours deciding which road to take or what building to go.
AN “ALL-PURPOSE” CARPET! MAKE YOUR ROOM A BIT MORE FUN WITH THIS RUG! Perfect for bedrooms, play areas, and rumpus rooms to bring comfort, texture, and color to their space. You can choose to use it as a game mat, a crawling mat, and even as a yoga mat.Baby will learn numbers and pavement markings while having fun on this rugļ¼
HOW LONG CAN THE RUG BE USED? Made with the latest material, TPR, the backing is more durable than traditional latex material and will never come off. So, our answer is five years or even longer if well-maintained. Will cleaning this kids’ rug be difficult? JACKSON rug can be machine washed at any time without risk of deformation. This is a cost-effective carpet. Buying this product is choice that you will never regret making

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