kids playroom decor ManxiVoo Premium Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair, Large Unisex Design and Multipurpose Storage Perfect Decor Kid’s Room and Playroom Organizer (I)

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Product Features:

This storage bag can perfectly accommodate your plush toys with its large large capacity.
choose freely according to the number of plush toys at home.
It can act as cushion when filled with plush toys, clothing, blankets, etc., for children to enjoy the storage process.
Material: Cotton
Size:Perimeter: 1.4m/55.1″
Color:Blue;.Sky Blue,Red,Gray

Packing List:
1* Storage Bag
❤️These extra-large stuffable bean bag chairs! your kid will only have to unzip it, Stuff it with all the mess in their room (preferably made from soft materials), zip it back and sit. Stuff, Zip, Sit- that’s it.
❤️In reality, not only stuffed animal toys can be put in there, but also towels, clothes, blankets – anything you want! It greatly reduces the effort needed to clean for your children (if they clean the rooms themselves, that is) or saves you precious time that you could spend on other, more important tasks, when you do it for them.
❤️With our unique design,you can give your teenage kid’s room a boost of personality as well as provide additional storage space for their clothes! It suits almost any bedroom decor and wallpaper!
❤️Reading this, you probably thought that it would be a terrific idea to have one, because it will really save you a lot of time and effort in the future. Well, let us put the icing on the cake for you. You take no risk by purchasing from us, because should you not like the product, we will either make a full refund to you or send you another product for free! So, you understand that there is no reason to hesitate and wait. Click Add to Cart now and enjoy!♥♥ NEW STYLISH DESIGN- with these extra-large stuffable storage bean bag chairs you can put away up to 90+ stuffed animal toys; that is a hell of a collection and we doubt you have that many. But if you do, you can always buy 2 from us!
♥♥ CONVENIENT USE – it is not only toys you can use to fill them up, but also clothes, towels, pillows, blankets etc. Never has it been so easy and convenient to keep your children’s room so tidy, while doing so with style. Plus, it is an extremely comfy chair!
♥♥ IDEAL GIFT – these stuffable chairs are an ideal present to your kids! They can be used for playing, reading, watching movies…and it keeps your children happy by greatly reducing their effort (or yours) in cleaning their room. We’ve all been there. Nobody likes doing it…without a bean bag chair!
♥♥ UNIQUE DESIGN – these bean bag chairs fit any kinds of interior design, from a kid’s playroom to an adult bedroom! It can totally transform a room and give it a special charm, warmth and a personality boost!
♥♥ Made from strong, durable and soft 100% cotton fabric, comfortable material, machine washable, and better hand wash with dry naturally

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