kids bathroom decor Chubberroo Dual-Height Step Stool for Kids to use in the Bathroom, Kitchen, or Anywhere They Need A Boost (Green) by

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Chubberroo’s Dual-Height Step Stool is the perfect way to give your toddler and small children a boost. This step stool will give them the freedom to reach the potty seat, sink, or kitchen counter – allowing them to safely explore with the independence they crave. Save your cabinets from little monkeys who like to climb, and your back from the constant up and down at the request of your kids. The step stool is designed with safety in mind. The strong, lightweight material won’t bend or break and is sturdy enough to hold the weight of mom or dad. The textured steps keep small feet from slipping or sliding, and the anti-slip bottom keeps the stool safely centered to the ground. You can rest assured that your kids are safe while they climb on this stool. The simple, easy to clean design matches any kind of decor and is suitable for children of all ages. Instead of trying to resolve sibling battles over color or design, match the decor of your bathroom with the neutral design and color of this step stool. The Dual-Height steps make this stool versatile enough for multiple ages groups. The deep first step creates easy access for small children to reach the top step. This top step is perfect for little ones who are learning to use the potty on their own. The lower step is great for taller children to reach sinks, countertops, and light switches. When your preschooler is ready to dress by themselves, use this step stool to help them reach the clothing hanging in their closet. The stool can be used in any room where kids may need a help seeing and reaching taller areas of the home. Once all of your children have outgrown the need of a helping hand to reach tall counters, the stool is strong enough for continued use. Whether you need help reaching the fire alarm or a place to rest your feet, this stool can handle it with ease. Help your kids reach new heights for years to come with the Chubberroo’s Dual-Height Step Stool.GIVE TODDLERS A BOOST – The Dual-Height step stool for toddlers is perfect for the little ones who are ready to try it all. Chubberro’s step stool makes it possible for little hands to reach higher areas safely. Whether they are in the bathroom potty training and brushing their teeth, or helping bake cookies in the kitchen, they will easily reach new heights without being lifted by an adult.
SAFE AND STURDY DESIGN – Our toddler step stool is made of high quality, lightweight plastic. Your child can move the stool from potty to sink without the fear of bending or breaking. The textured steps and anti-slip base keep your little one safe from slipping. The strong material is supportive enough to hold adults who need help reaching high shelves or changing fire alarm batteries.
USEFUL IN EVERY ROOM – Toddlers are always exclaiming “Up!” They are ready to learn and explore – whether they want to help with dinner, wash their own hands, or see the new picture on the shelf. The step stool for kids will help them reach the areas of the house that they cannot quite reach on their own yet. It is lightweight enough for them to move from room to room without hurting themselves.
SIMPLE, CLEAN DESIGN – The simple and clean lines of Chubberroo’s Dual-Height Step Stool make it easy to sanitize. Most toddler step stool for toilet are embarrassing, stick out like a sore thumb, and are too specific to please all children. This sleek white step stool matches every decor and puts an end to the battle over favorite characters and colors.
SAFE FOR OLDER CHILDREN – The two heights of this step stool makes it versatile for many stages of life. The higher step is perfect for little ones just starting to potty train, while the first step is great for older kids. Big or small, this step stool will help all age groups reach higher ranges. You can even use this step stool for seniors who may need help getting into taller vehicles.

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